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Manna For Haiti focuses on spreading the word of God to the people of Northern Haiti.

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Help sponsor a child, or donate today to feed a starving Haitian.

Manna For Haiti

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If you are interested in going on a Mission Trip with Manna For Haiti, visit our Mission Trips tab and fill out the necessary application form.

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Welcome to the Google Checkout donation page.  On the Manna For Haiti Christian Mission website, there are two ways of making a donation. One, you can donate via PayPal if you are more comfortable with their interface. The second way of donating to MFHCM is to use a web application called Google Checkout. Like I described on the PayPal donation, all Google Checkout transactions are 100% secure. These are the two most efficient ways to do online donation transactions, and Google and PayPal make it easy. I am now going to instruct you on how to donate through Google Checkout. Below is the Google Checkout Donation icon. Click inside the icon where it says “Enter Amount.” Enter your desired amount and then proceed to click the “Donate” button. After clicking the donate button, you will be redirected to the Google Checkout screen. In the top right hand corner of the screen it will show your subtotal. Now look to the left hand side of the page, and fill out all the necessary information. After filling out the entire form with all the correct information, click the “Agree and Continue” button. This will redirect you to the next page to complete your transaction. Confirm the donation, and then you’re finished! Thank you for donating to Manna For Haiti Christian Mission. We appreciate your donation, and we’re glad you decided to donate through Google Checkout and help Haiti today!



Mission Trips


Interested in going on a mission trip to Haiti?  Check our Haiti trips schedule here to see what week is best for you. Fill out our mission trip application form here.

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Click here to check out our new YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you get all our updates and information. Comment, rate, and subscribe to the videos.

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COn our website, we give you the option to donate through PayPal. PayPal is a fast, easy, and secure way to do online money transfers. Click here to for more information on donating though PayPal.

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Corn Hole Tournament

We are planning to host CORN HOLE, again, beginning in October, 2011, for $10 per person, one Friday a month. Dome & join in on the fun & fellowship. All proceeds go directly to purchasing FOOD for the Haitian people. Martinsville WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL Gym, South Main Street, Martinsville, IN 46151. "CONTACT" us via email if you have any questions.

Joshua 5:12

“And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year."